Additional Programs

Additional Programs

Rush Academy

The Rush Academy is Rush Soccer’s official residency academy. The program offers Student-Athletes an environment that nurtures both academic and athletic excellence. Rush Academy’s structured college-preparatory curriculum, provided to high school students grades 9-12, challenges students to grow and mature academically in preparation for the next level. The program utilizes a highly disciplined intellectual approach in the classroom that allows our players to be able to easily adapt to a college classroom after their time under our direction. Cultivating our students throughout their pre-season, in-season, and post-season enhances their college recruitment and placement to the college level. Our elite training and academic support has been proven to maximize our Student-Athletes individual potential and abilities.

Rush Summit: July 7th - 10th, 2022

The Rush Summit is a conference each year that all coaches from the Rush Soccer organization meet at a centralized location to share the Rush Way Philosophy. This three day event is held in conjunction with the Rush Fest in Colorado. Anyone is welcome. This past year we were lucky enough to have a youth coach from Real Madrid conduct a presentation and training session, Steve Nicol ex Liverpool and Scotland International as well as previous MLS coach with the New England Revolution hold a Q&A as well as a field session, Jerome de Bontin GM of the New York Red Bulls, and Laurent Papillon who is heavily involved with UEFA and the French Football Federation.

Trace Up

Trace uses a robot camera, sensors, and AI to automatically film the game and create clips for every player. With Trace, coaching, player development, and recruiting is hassle free and effortless. Rush Soccer has made a national partnership with them and all of our clubs.

MLS Next

Rush Soccer allows the top players in Rush clubs that are not currently in the MLS Next program to register as discovery players for one of the Rush Clubs that does have the MLS Next Program. Through an online request form, certified by the players Technical Director, Rush Soccer helps connect players with MLS Next clubs to get the experience and benefit of playing in the top youth league in the United States whilst still being able to play with their local club team.

Tournament Assistance

Under the direction of the SPI Tournament Director, Rush Soccer has implemented a program to assist local clubs with the marketing, administration and income possibilities for their tournament. Tournament Marketing on the Rush Soccer Tournament Website, using the economies of scales of all the Rush Soccer events to encourage more sponsorship to be filtered down to the local level as well as exclusive tournament packet assistance to help with the efficiency of the events are all part of the service provided.

Legal Assistance

Rush Soccer understands that all of our clubs are running a business and at times you may need legal advice. We have contracted an experienced lawyer who understands the soccer world and the intricacies of sports within a non-for profit. His aim is to assist our clubs whenever they may need. He bills at an incredibly reduced rate as he is interested in seeing the growth of soccer happen in the US rather than making money off of the Rush. If you club may ever find themselves in a situation that required legal, we are here to assist.

Marketing Assitance

The Rush National Marketing team sends a monthly “Marketing Digest” with resource links, tools, help, graphic and video materials for all clubs to use. This recap document comes along with a content-focused newsletter for clubs to catch up on Rush news. With over 200 editable graphics, 500+ high quality Rush pictures, dozens of promo videos and a request based assistance, the Creative team provides all the assets a club needs to succeed in promoting & market itself in its local area. Marketing also provides support for local websites and helps clubs generate engaging content on social media via the global program.